The Surrey & Hampshire Branch

The Surrey & Hampshire Branch has been in existence for over forty years offering training for HPR owners, organising successful Working Tests, barbecues and social evenings. Several members have continued supporting the Branch over a long period with successive dogs and some, due to their hard work and success with their own dogs, have become Trainers themselves. During those years we have held our classes in a number of locations within the Surrey/Hampshire area and one venue, Windlesham Arboretum, at which we trained for many years, proved to be particularly ideal. It had everything – a variety of terrain, lakes and ditches, all that you need to train an HPR and the owner Major Spowers was supportive of what we were doing. Unfortunately, several years ago following the death of Major Spowers, his heirs felt that gundog training wasn’t appropriate on the ground which they wanted to develop as a conservation area and we were asked to leave. Since then we have struggled to find suitable ground where training could take place and where fifteen or so vehicles can be parked. The ground we are able to use at the moment is coming to an end and we are again on the lookout for another.

2.0.1Training classes, as they have been for the last forty years, are held on the third Sunday of each month with the exception of December and January, and the month when our annual Working Test takes place which is usually September.

All of our trainers are actively involved in game shooting and gundog work, and this is the direction that our training classes take. However, all gundogs need obedience training and HPR breeds in particular benefit from having their minds stimulated so the classes are valuable to all, whatever their owner’s aspirations.

Training Classes will continue at our current venue near Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 8EP on 17th October and 21st November 2015 and will commence again on February 21st 2016 at a new venue yet to be acquired!

Anyone who would like more details regarding our Branch please contact the Chairman, Sheila Kuban on 01483 763538 or email: