Rules for the Financing and Conduct of Branches

  1. Branches are sponsored and licensed by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club, and each Branch shall be known by the title – “The German Shorthaired Pointer Club – (Branch)”.
  2. Branches are subject to the Rules and Authority of the Club. The Club is responsible to the Kennel Club for the conduct of Branches.
  3. Rules of the Club apply in all respects to a Branch except where herein adjusted. Where reference to the Kennel Club is concerned, such matters shall go through the Club Secretary. Where reference to “Members” is made, this shall imply Members of the Club registered with the Secretary of the Branch in accordance with Rule 8 hereof.
  4. The affairs of a Branch shall be governed by a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and by a Branch Committee, all of whom shall be elected at Branch Annual General Meetings, shall be single/joint members/associate members of the Club and shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of three Members of the Committee. The Officers and Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Management Committee of the Parent Club shall be ex-officio Members of the Branch Committee, but without vote.
  5. The Branch can organise any activity provided that it does not commit the Club to any financial outlay without prior agreement, and provided such activities conform to the general policy of the Club. Any activity so organised shall conform to rules and regulations of the Kennel Club where these apply.
  6. The Treasurer or Secretary of the Branch shall keep a record of all income and Expenditure. Branch accounts shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer annually.
  7. To facilitate the Club’s Annual Audit, Branches shall close their accounts not later than 31st January each year, and shall forward a Statement of Accounts to the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer within fifteen days.
  8. Members of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club shall automatically be members of a Branch without further payment of a subscription, by written registration with the Secretary of the respective Branch.
    1. Members of a Branch must be Full Members, Associate Members or Junior Members of the Club. Branches shall have the right to raise reasonable sums of money for training classes and other activities from those taking part, the amount of which shall have been recommended at the Branch Annual General Meeting and approved by the Management Committee of the Club.
    2. Should the Club and a Branch jointly enter into organisation of a Club event, the sharing of expenses shall be agreed by prior consultation.
    3. Non-Members, who shall not hold any Branch office or have a vote in the affairs of management, may be charged whatever sum may be considered suitable by the Branch for training classes and other amenities provided by the Branch.
    4. A Branch may, by majority vote of those present at a General Meeting of the Branch Committee, instruct the Secretary of the Branch to forward to the Honorary Secretary of the Club any proposal, details of which shall have been included in the Agenda of the Meeting, for discussion by the Management Committee of the Club.
  9. Any matter relating to behaviour or discipline where a member of a Branch is concerned shall be referred without delay to the Club.
  10. A copy of all Notices convening Meetings of the Branch Committee shall be sent to the Club Secretary not less than fourteen days prior to the date of the Meeting. Complete Minutes of all Committee Meetings shall be sent to the Club Secretary within fifteen days of the Meeting.
  11. A copy of the Schedules for each Field Activity shall, at the time of distribution to Branch Members, be sent, and a marked card of the results immediately after the event, shall also be sent to:
    1. The Secretary of the Club.
    2. The Secretary of the Field Trial Committee
    3. The Liaison Officer
  12. To facilitate the coordination of the field activities of Branches and Groups, the proposed intention of their field activities shall be decided at a Committee meeting to be held as early as possible each year, and preferably in January, and a copy of these minutes should be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Field Trial Committee, Honorary Secretary of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club and the Liaison Officer.
  13. Branches and Groups should endeavour to avoid organising any activities that clash with Club events.
  14. All Branch Members shall be provided with a copy of these Branch Rules as issued by the Club, supplies of which are obtainable from the Club Secretary.